Session 7 Questions

1. Most men are hurting silently in their relationships? Do you agree/disagree?
2. One primary reason for broken relationships is man’s pursuit of an ever higher standard of living. Agree/Disagree?
3. Why do men get so wrapped up in their careers that they forget to be good husbands and fathers?
4. Have you found the pursuit of a higher standard of living to be worth the price? Give an example
5. Comment on this statement: “No amount of success at the office can compensate for failure at home.”
6. Why do you think men score so low in relationships?
7. How we are behind the closed doors of our own private castle is how we really are. How are you behind closed doors? What changes would help your family life?
8. Do you feel you are a good communicator at work? Compare your communication skills at work with how you are doing with your wife and kids?

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