Man in the Mirror Week 2 Questions

1. What would you like on your tombstone to summarize your life?
2. Which of your experiences and relationships do you think have had the greatest impact on how you think, speak, and act? in what ways have they influence you for good?… for bad?
3. Of the two life views, the Christian life view and the secular life view, what percentage of each are you? Example: 60% Christian life view, 40% secular life view. Describe the thinking that brought you to your answer.
4. Are you the kind of person who gives thought to the why questions of life, or are you content with life as it is? What are some of the risks of leading an unexamined life?
5. There are two yous: the visible you that is known by others and the real you that is known only by God. Agree or Disagree?
6. The secret of knowing something well is to keep “looking at the fish.” What kind of commitment would you be willing to make to self examination in terms of time and effort?

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