Man in the Mirror Focus Questions

1. Do you agree that most men are caught up in the rat race? Why?
2. If the rat race is an unwinnable race, why do you think so many men run in it? What are they trying to accomplish?
3. In what ways has your material standard of living gone up since you were a child? In what ways do you think your moral/spiritual/relational standard of living has been affected?
4. It appears that many men have been lulled into  mental and spiritual complacency. How has consumerism and the media impacted your own values and the way you spend your time and money?
5. Madison Avenue works hard to define for us who and what we are, usually in terms of the beautiful, wrinkle free life. What practical steps can you take to unloose yourself from its influence?

One Response to “Man in the Mirror Focus Questions”

  1. Fred Lewis says:

    1. Yes, I think most men are caught up in the rat race. I often find myself in it. The worst part is, even if you are winning, you are still a rat. I think the world tries to teach us that we need to be that race, in order to get what other people have. If we don’t we are seen as losers in many ways.
    2. They are trying to keep up with other men, and to show in the world’s eyes, that they are somehow successful.
    3. I grew up very poor, after my father deserted my mom and my four brothers. We would up growing up in three different households of relatives. Materially, I have so much more as an adult than I did as a child. I think my upbringing has actually helped me in my adult life. I have a lot more, but a lot of it is not very important to me compared to being happy.
    4. It is difficult to not be swayed by consumerism and the media. I have to remind myself of being younger with very little, but being happier in those times in certain ways. I am happiest now when I am with my wife and when we get to spend time with children and grandchildren.
    5. I try to always be able to laugh at myself, my shortcomings and foibles. I often look at what the media tries to present and just laugh at it or shake my head. I make it a point each night before sleep to thank God for what He has provided me, especially for my family and friends. Since January 1st of last year, I have been able to keep my commitment to read God’s Word each and very morning before work or doing anything on weekends.

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