Chapter 4 – Man in the Mirror Questions

1. A man’s greatest need is his need to be significant? Agree or Disagree?
2. The difference in men is in how they go about satisfying their need to be significant? What are some of the main ways men try to satisfy this need?
3. How do you keep score? At the end of the day, how do you measure whether or not it has been a successful day? How does your method compare to the way God keeps score?
4. How did you score on the Game of Tens? What truth does this game underscore?
5. What is the difference between self-gratification and significance?
6. What Martin Luther did was simply to live out his conscience. Why do you think more men don’t do the same?
7. What would you do differently if you decided to be another Martin Luther, one of this generation’s handful of faithful men?

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