180 Parent’s Connection

We are always eager to have parent’s involved in our 180 Student Ministry. Whether it be chaperoning on trips, leading a small group, fixing food, or helping in one of our other areas; we can never have too much parent involvement. Below you will find various resources to help you as a parent be involved in your teen’s life. You will find a tentative listing of all of our upcoming events so you as a family can adequately plan, a photo release form that allows us to put your teen’s photo on our website and Facebook page following events, and authorization of consent form that is required for all overnight events, Parent Cue that helps you discuss what your teen learned in their worship service. Please contact us if you are ever in need of a resource or tool to help you minister to your teens.

Parent Cue
(October 16-October 30)

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Our Weekly Podcast is designed for parents as a tool as they minister to their kids. As we discuss different topics, our goal is to disciple parents so that they may disciple their kids. This being said, there may be times that conflict arises in the home, Bible questions arise, or other topics need to be discussed. This is why we have provided a Q & A time in the podcast. Feel free to submit topics, questions, or concerns that you would like us to discuss on the podcast. If you don’t want your name mentioned, just let us know in the information below.

Family Podcast Q & A

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