University Parkway takes the great commission very seriously. We are always actively seeking opportunities to serve locally, nationally, and internationally. We have had the opportunity to build relationships in our community through our monthly food pantry, Upward Soccer, as well as other community events; and partner with churches internationally in South Korea, Guatemala, Canada, and most recently Macedonia. There are many areas in which you have the ability to jump in and serve in ministry locally, nationally, and internationally.
Food Pantry

On the second Saturday of every month, we seek to serve our community through our food pantry. We provide food for over 200 families and are always looking for people to help serve. Volunteers need to arrive at 7:00AM and commit to serve until approximately 9:30AM (sometimes we finish sooner). If you would like to fill out an application to receive food from our pantry please click here to download and print the form.

Upward Soccer

Every spring, we conduct our Upward Soccer League. This league is designed for kids Pre-K through 3rd grade. Upward soccer is designed to teach basic soccer skills so that kids may develop those skills and become more equipped to play in more competitive leagues. This is a great opportunity for kids who have never played soccer before, or are looking for another opportunity to practice their skills. Registration begins in January, and we are always in need of volunteers for coaching, refereeing, sharing testimonies, and greeting.

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In June 2014, University Parkway partnered with missionaries in Skopje, Macedonia. Macedonia is a community in which half of the population is Macedonian Orthodox, while the other half practices Islam. We conducted a sports camp for children and are looking at potential of teaching evangelism to the evangelical Christians living in Macedonia. This is a great opportunity to serve and spread the Gospel of Christ to an unreached people group. Our next team will travel in June 2015.